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Introduction to Machine Learning

Cultural matters with Machine Learning

Technical explanation on Machine Learning

RNN/LSTM focus

Neural Network

Data Processing

Examples with source code

Mixed media (text/image)

Text related

Chinese text related

Image related

Sound related


Text related


Examples/Performance/Speculative design




Preconference Workshop] (2018)

Demo/Experimental Projects

Learning resource

Teaching Machine Learning


  • 01/2020: TensorFlow.js + React, object detection
  • 08/2019: Runway's image to text prediction: "a collage of photos of a man on a motorcycle"
  • 08/2019: Runway's YOLACT - computer and algorithm shift our attention to something else. A lid cannot be recognized but that's the key object in the photo (ways of human seeing) actually. May be the training data contains mostly western objects.
  • 08/2019: Running LSTM/tensorflow with and ml5 training
training both
  • 12/2018: Try running LSTM/tensorflow training on chinese text with python (again following text predictor)
  • 11/2018: Try running LSTM/tensorflow training with Python (following text predictor)from my PhD thesis text
PhD thesis
  • 11/2018: Try running local ml5 + python training with English text (multiple manifestos) and generate 10000 characters text from multiple manifestos
  • 06/2018: Try running LSTM ml5js with training simplied chinese data. Source from weiboscope 2012 week 1 deleted text
weiboscope text
  • 06/2018: Running LSTM ml5js example with my own training data
Training Process
Outcome Process
  • 2018: Running ml5.js example - Simple LSTM Generator Example on a local browser
Predicting what's the text
  • Running ml5.js example - Simple Image Classification Example on a local browser
Predicting what's the image with confidence level
  • Running spam data with RecurrentJS on a local browser
Running spam data with RecurrentJS
  • Running a customized neural network on a local browser
Learning XOR with Synaptic
  • Running a PNG file with Synaptic.js on a local browser
Learning a png file with Synaptic
  • Running a jpg file with ConvNetJS on a local browser
Learning a jpg file with ConvNetJS