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Dear Olle,

Thank you so much for introducing us to your work! I think this project brings up so many interesting questions about replication, inherent value, craftsmanship, materiality, and art. When do objects count as equivalent? What gives them their value? I find it interesting that you consider a digitized book to contain "no identity." What gives a piece of art identity? Is this a personal or aesthetic statement? As you can see, I think I have more questions than comments so far.

I will be curious to learn more about your work in person. I encourage you to engage with archival debates about intrinsic value if you have not already:

You also might be interested in a project at Johns Hopkins University to digitize and annotate annotations in rare books:

Gilles Deleuze's Difference and Repetition would also be quite interesting as a philosophical framework for how to address concepts of uniqueness and sameness.

Thanks, Molly


questions from masterclass:

  • the underlining transmutability that happens here. constant subversion of static form
  • people who use book scanning machines at book gatherings. have had any legal issues? legal issue that arises when producing not just the text but the exact form of its printed manifestation
  • thinking of the digital as unbound and the material as bound. why stuck to exact order of a bounded style? might make physical certain digital qualities
  • Rodney Graham rendering and modification of Herman Melville book as an example to look at
  • way in which wikileaks documents were stripped of important contextual (& paratextual) properities when transitioned into the csv files that were released