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abstract thread

//Hi Eric, am really interested to see how you expand on the material fault line of execution. Is the fault line more-than material for instance, where a potential line of flight might be located? Or are you suggesting that their may be a geologic source for execution, that runs through through capitalism as explored in the work of Nigel Clark. Or maybe both :). How do the material fault lines, then also intersect with a ‘site’. - Helen

//Hi Eric, i am interested in knowing more about Howse’s notion of ‘site’ and what does he means by enclosing drive. The computational drive - are you referring to something like hard drive / magnetic storage? Something physical in order to think about the material form? the relation of site and form would be interesting. What does it mean by material fault? -Winnie

//howdy, thanks for your comments below. I find the use of the term fault lines very appropriate because the inherent tension (apprehension) it holds. The combination of literal ‘site’ with the metaphorical, and Pynchon inspired derivatives is in my opinion a very strong (and poetic) part of Howse’s work (together with J.Kemp). I suppose you read Howse’s text on skin? -audrey

//Hi Eric, here is a link to the work by Martin, which I mentioned earlier today: Could perhaps relate to your reflections on enclosure? /linda

//Eric, relating to the discussion of skin as surface / as the site of execution, Steven Connor has written quite interestingly on skin, as site of inscription etc: The Book of Skin (

execution definition thread