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Loading... 800% Slower

Medium: browser plug-in and web proxy


"Put another way, deliberation shifts from being an activity that happens at the moment of reception, or in its incalculable aftermath [...], to an activity that happens—that can only happen— in a fundamentally anticipatory mode, before any encounter with a cultural object or media network.” —Mark B. N. Hansen, Feed-Forward: On the Future of Twenty-First-Century Media

This project addresses modern deceits and their latest <script>. Its aim is to foreground how non-human algorithmic automation and acceleration work towards creating zones of “corrupted interactivity” and deceitfulness where the automated agency of web browsers and servers directly supersedes conscious and intentional actions of their users. As automated machine-to-machine transactions (server<->browser) occur at timescales that completely bypass human consciousness, Loading... 800% Slower directly addresses this temporal asymmetry between machine deliberation time and human deliberation time. By slowing down to an excessive degree the bitrate of an internet connection while a browser plugin renders audible the various invisible and dubious third party scripts composing contemporary web pages, this project presents the uncanny temporality of consciousness in rendering almost still the signals of the machine.